10 Coolest Minimalist House Terrace Roof Inspirations

10 Coolest Minimalist House Terrace Roof Inspirations

Find the inspiration for the minimalist house terrace roof model that is interesting and makes the residence cooler below.

Do you want to make an open garage for your home? Just try using a minimalist home terrace roof as an option.

Currently, some people are beginning to be interested in a small house that has a roof carport minimalist in front.

Undoubtedly, developers have also responded to consumer demand by presenting as an advantage the houses of type 36.

Now, many small houses still have a modern minimalist roof terrace.

The materials used are also varied, there are models of the terrace canopy, spandex, fabric, and others.

There are also many types of roofing materials, ranging from mansard roofs that are typical of European attics and asbestos roofs, clay roofs, and others.

Its presence is not only a garage or a terrace.

Some are deliberately made to protect the house from heat.

For those of you who have small children, you can make this house with a roof a playground.

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Let’s look at the inspiration for the minimalist terrace roof, which is informed by www.lacrymosemedia.com from the following sources.

Minimalist house terrace roof inspiration

1. The Front Roof of a Minimalist Carport House

Minimalist house terrace roof model

Source: instagram.com/consist_product/

With a metal or metal canopy material that gives a futuristic impression, you can make this a roof carport minimalistic.

To make the front of the house more beautiful, you can add the floor with natural stone.

2. The Roof Terrace of the Beautiful House in Front of the Door

asbestos roof terrace model

Source: Instagram.com/consist_product/

In addition to making an asbestos roof terrace model, you can also make a simple roof like the picture above,

You can also use this simple terrace roof for a house with a small garden.

Because, one of the functions of this roof is like a protector so it doesn’t have to be big.

3. Form the roof of the front porch of the house under the balcony

minimalist house terrace roof

Source: Instagram.com/megasw_home/

The front porch of the house can also be used as two interesting functions, namely the garage and the balcony.

You can make a minimalist home terrace roof with mild steel material.

4. Minimalist Home Terrace Canopy

the shape of the roof of the veranda of the house

Source: Instagram.com/buanasteel01_responarat/

For those of you who have an extended yard, just use the canopy roof of this minimalist home terrace.

In addition to the garage, you can make the patio with this roof a children’s playground.

5. Minimalist House Cast Roof Terrace

front roof of a minimalist house

Source: Instagram.com/buana_steel88/

The roof of the house is not always made of a canopy. You can make the roof of the house with a minimalist house cast.

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Make this roof like a terrace with a top that you can use again.

6. Roof terrace house from Steel Mild

terrace roof model

Source: Instagram.com/buana_steel88/

You can also apply a light steel roof at home with a modern minimalist concept.

Combine this material with colors that are suitable for the home.

The terrace of the house remains protected from the hot sun and remains beautiful.

7. Canopy of Glass

beautiful roof terrace

Source: Instagram.com/buanasteel01_responarat/

You can also use a modern minimalist terrace roof with glass.

Its function is still the same as the roof in general, it can protect from heat and rain.

In addition, at night this roof will be beautiful because it points directly to the sky.

8. Canopy Steel Mild

minimalist house roof

Source: Instagram.com/buanasteel01_responarat/

The roof of the house is usually called a canopy or tent roof.

You can apply it to a simple house roof.

In this house, you can make a light steel canopy a beautiful part of the house.

9. Alderon House Terrace Roof Model

Alderon House Terrace Roof Model

Source: Tokopedia

The inspiration for the next cool roof model is a roof with alderon material.

You can use white so that the minimalist impression of the residence is always felt.

The front of this house can also be a convenient place to store vehicles because it feels shaded.

10. Modern House Terrace Roof Model

Modern House Terrace Roof Model

Source: Harapanrakyat.com

The roof of the house does not always have to be large, you can make a roof with a minimalist dimension, but still aesthetic.

Just make a ceiling model like the picture above to make the house always look attractive and fresh.


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It is the recommendation for the coolest minimalist terrace roof that is suitable for your home.

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