10 Chinese New Year traditions in Indonesia

10 Chinese New Year traditions in Indonesia

Source: unsplash.com/@humphreymuleba

Chinese New Year is the change of year in the Chinese calendar. In addition to celebrating the new year, the Chinese New Year is also considered the right time to give thanks for the successes that have been achieved in the past year.

Also, on this Chinese New Year, we also ask for good luck in the coming year. It is not surprising that every year there is still a Chinese New Year tradition in Indonesia that is carried from generation to generation.

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Of course, each of these traditions has a deep meaning, especially for the Chinese community.

What are the Chinese New Year traditions in Indonesia?

Although the times have developed, the realization of the traditions is one of the obligations so that their sustainability is maintained.

When it comes to Chinese New Year traditions, what do many people still do today? Check out the following, go!

1. Sharing red packets is a mandatory Chinese New Year tradition in Indonesia

This is one of the most anticipated Chinese New Year celebration traditions for children and teenagers. Yes, the moment to share this angpao is specifically given by elderly and married people to families and relatives who are still single.

Chinese New Year Angpao it has a symbol of giving sustenance to children and parents. While the color red, it symbolizes good luck, goodness and prosperity.

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When giving angpao, do not be careless. One of them is that it must contain a nominal number of eight to bring good luck.

Chinese New Year tradition in Indonesia, Angpao
Source: unsplash.com

2. Clean the house before the party

Before Chinese New Year celebration, usually cleaning house becomes an unforgettable tradition. This activity is performed to remove all the bad things that prevent the entry of good luck into the house.

However, when sweeping the dirt and dust, avoid throwing it outside the house because it is considered that it can really reduce our prosperity.

Cleaning the house before the celebration of the Chinese New Year tradition in Indonesia
Source: unsplash.com

3. Red decoration

The use of red has become one of the hallmarks of Chinese New Year celebrations, from home decorations to clothing colors. The reason is that this color symbolizes prosperity, luck and even strength. .

Not only that, people also believe that the color red can drive away wild creatures or some kind of Nian that can disturb humans, especially children.

Source: unsplash.com/@humphreymuleba

Usually, these creatures come out in the spring or coincide with the Chinese New Year celebrations. Therefore, the Chinese will decorate their whole house with red decorations.

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4. Chinese New Year dishes

Each region has different Chinese New Year specialties. In general, the dishes served consist of 12 types of food, which represent the 12 types of zodiac beliefs of the Chinese people.

Each plate also has its own meaning. One of them is a layered cake, which symbolizes a layered fortune for the owner of the house. So, longevity noodles as a long life prayer for those who eat them.

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In addition, there is also a plate of basket cakes and sweet sweets that symbolize a sweet life and a better fortune always covering the house in the new year.

However, during Chinese New Year, you cannot eat porridge because it symbolizes poverty.

Chinese New Year tradition in Indonesia, Nian Gao
Source: commons.wikimedia.org

5. Firecrackers and pyrotechnics

It seems that the lively celebration of Chinese New Year would be incomplete without fireworks and firecrackers, which are in the form of red paper rolls.

These two objects make such a loud sound that people believe that this can scare away evil spirits and drive away the bad luck of the past year.

Chinese New Year tradition in fireworks in Indonesia
Source: unsplash.com/@mdshairaf

6. Barongsai is a Chinese New Year tradition in Indonesia

The attraction of the lion dance is still preserved by the Chinese community during the Chinese New Year celebration. Usually, there will be two people doing stunts to perform the lion dance.

They will dress up as lions with one person filling the back and the other controlling the rear of the lion’s body.

Not only an attraction, but this show begins with the story of the presence of monsters in a village on the plain of China. So, the residents took the initiative to dress up as lions and scare away the monsters.

Until now, the tradition of lion dance remains firmly attached as a symbol of good luck, happiness and exorcist of evil spirits.

Chinese New Year tradition in Indonesia lion dance
Source: unsplash.com/@tonypham

7. Prayer for rain

Chinese New Year is also synonymous with hoping for rain as a sign of hope to bring good luck and fortune to the home.

If it really rains, people believe that the new year will bring a lot of prosperity for us.

8. Do not turn the fish

You know that during Chinese New Year, we can’t turn the fish and leave the back to eat the next day, you know.

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Therefore, the Chinese will only eat one side without turning. I believe that this habit can bring a livelihood.

The Chinese New Year tradition in Indonesia is taboo on fish
Source: pixabay.com

9. Visit family

Like every day of celebration in general, the time of Chinese New Year celebration is also synonymous with meeting and visiting family and close relatives.

This moment aims to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and enjoy the closeness with the family.

The Chinese New Year tradition in Indonesia is a family gathering
Source: istockphoto.com

10. Prayer is a Chinese New Year tradition in Indonesia

After the meeting, usually many people continue with the tradition of praying at the temple or making an altar at home. This procession has the purpose of praying for the ancestors who have died.

Before the Lunar New Year, many people will pray at home, presenting food offerings such as fruits, cakes, meat, etc.

However, this prayer is usually performed by Chinese Buddhists and Confucians.

Chinese New Year tradition in Indonesia praying
Source: commons.wikimedia.org

So, these are the 10 traditions that should be performed by the Chinese community during the Chinese New Year in Indonesia. Unique, right?

Every tradition has value history and the good in it. Another thing that is more important is how the meaning of each of these moments is realized.

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