10 Bright Color Front Minimalist House Painting Ideas

10 Bright Color Front Minimalist House Painting Ideas

Bright color minimalist house painting front view

Wow, it turns out that the appearance of a minimalist home is not just black or white. Here is a minimalist house painting inspiration with a bright front view.

The interior design is one of the important things to add to the comfort of a home, but the exterior design is just as important.

Minimalist paint colors are synonymous with black, gray or white, but many also use bright colors for the facades of their houses.

The color trend for painting the front of the house in 2021 is not very different from 2020, all you have to do is adjust it to your home concept.

The bright colors on the front of the house can make both the owners and those who see it feel happy.

You can also mix and match paint colors with the granite pattern of the front porch of the house, sure to add to the luxury.

Therefore, many minimalist homes use bright paint colors for the front of the house.

So here are some minimalist house painting ideas that look brilliant in 2021 that you can try for your home.

Minimalist House Paint Inspiration Bright Color Front View

1. Bright Green

Although it is dominated by gray and white, this minimalist style house looks more attractive with the addition of green.

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The bright green color accentuates the front of the house, adding to the brighter color choices of the house.

2. Blue color

The paint color for the modern minimalist terrace this time takes a bright blue color, there is a combination of beige on the windows.

Blue is a color that can have a more attractive effect, the facade of the house becomes more beautiful, it is not.

3. Hot Pink

Combination of colors hot pink and the gray and white list makes the house more charming and cool, an interesting choice.

Although it looks lighter, the paint color of this elegant terrace looks more and more attractive stand out from your neighbor.

4. Orange and Red

The combination of red and orange that was once popular is the paint color for a minimalist front view in 2020.

However, if you want to use these two colors now, it is still quite good and interesting.

5. Bright Pink

For those of you who like pink, it seems that the facade of the house with the following terrace wall painting will be perfect for you.

The combination of bright pink always looks good when combined with gray which is so elegant, it’s quite a contrast, isn’t it?

6. Youth

Luxury exterior house paint color, you can use purple. In this year, the choice of purple color is very popular.

Different products often use purple or more popular colors lilac This is interesting, isn’t it?

7. Red

Red is a color that is widely used for a minimalist home, but not at all.

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Usually the red color is only used on the poles or some parts of the facade of the house as shown below.

8. Yellow

Yellow color combined with black makes your home look more cheerful and bright.

Also, the color turns yellow color statement for the terrace of the house. This color is suitable for your minimalist mini house.

9. Bright Blue Color

Another option for your minimalist home is a light blue color that is soft and suitable to be combined with gray.

For those of you who don’t really like soft colors, why not try some bright colors like the following.

10. Dark green

You can apply this minimalist house paint color to the front of 2020 to make your house more attractive.

In addition to cooling, the green color combined with the natural stone at the bottom of the terrace wall adds to the beauty of the front of the house.

So, which bright color front view minimalist house painting do you choose for your residence? Don’t make mistakes.

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