10 Best Low Watt Electric Oven Recommendations for 2023

10 Best Low Watt Electric Oven Recommendations for 2023

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Toaster Oven Kris 10 Ltr 350 Watt – Black

An electric oven is an electronic device used to bake baked goods (cooking or roasting). This tool can also make it easier for us to make food without spending a lot of time.

In addition to bread, you can also use this tool to make all kinds of bread and cakes. You see, electric ovens have a stable temperature and even heat.

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Even if you have just learned how to make cakes, the results of baking the cakes you make will always be beautiful.

However, before buying an electric oven, there are several things you should consider, including:

  1. Beware of electrical power. Make sure to use an oven with low wattage so that the electricity bill does not swell.
  2. Choose the right size. Be sure to measure the space to put the oven first before buying. So, you can put it without looking messy.
  3. Pay attention to the characteristics of the oven. Each electric oven has different characteristics. Therefore, make sure you buy an oven with the features you need. Ideally, choose an oven that has a heating function at the top and bottom so that the food is cooked evenly.
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The best low watt electric oven tips for 2023

So, this time we have some of the best electric oven tips variety with the lowest wattage you can buy.

1. Electric Oven Kris 21 Ltr recommended

Looking for an energy efficient electric oven at an affordable price? If so, you can buy an oven from the Kris brand. This oven has a capacity of 21 liters and is equipped with a power indicator light and a cavity light.

Thus, you can see the depth of the oven without opening the lid. In addition, this oven uses an average power of 500 watts with a temperature of 250 degrees Celsius.

Electric oven advice
Toaster Oven Kris 21 Ltr 1000 Watt – Black

2. Electric oven advice from Brand Memoo

The next electric oven recommendation comes from the Memoo brand. If you want to have a small oven, you can choose this one because it has a capacity of 9 liters.

Take it easy, the heat temperature of this oven can reach 230 degrees Celsius with 1,000 watts of electricity.

Electric oven advice
Memoo 9 liter toaster

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3. Ariete brand electric oven recommendation Vintage 18 liters

The electric oven from the Ariete brand has a unique classic design based on steel, so it is suitable to beautify the kitchen.

The power required for this oven is only 1,380 watts. In addition, this oven has a double-layer glass cover so that the cooking process can be optimal.

Ariete 18 Ltr Oven Toaster Vintage - Hijau
Ariete 18 Ltr Oven Toaster Vintage – Hijau

4. Kels Dallas Mini Oven 12 Liter

For an oven from the Kels brand, you only need a minimum of 600 watts of electricity. This oven has a capacity of 12 liters with the ability to heat up to 250 degrees Celsius. You can buy a Kels electric oven for around IDR 300,000.

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Electric oven advice
Kels 12 Ltr Dallas Mini Oven – White

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5. Klaz Oven Toaster Digital 46 Liter

If you want to have a versatile electric oven, then you can choose a brand recommendation from Klaz. See, this oven has some additional functions for cooking, frying and baking.

This Klaz Digital Toaster Oven has a capacity of 46 liters with 700 watts of electricity.

Toaster oven Klaz 46 Ltr Dig
Klaz 46 Ltr Digital Toaster Oven in Stainless Steel

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Digital toaster Klaz 46 Ltr
Digital toaster Klaz 46 Ltr

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6. Kris Steam Oven 12 liters

If you want to save electricity, an oven from the Kris brand can be an option. You see, this oven only needs a power starting at 350 watts.

Unlike the usual ones, this oven has an advantage steam or steam to produce food that is not dry. This steam function can also ensure that the vitamins and minerals in the food can be properly maintained.

Electric oven advice
Steam oven Kris 12 Ltr 350-1250w – Putih

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7. Klaz Oven With Air Fryer 20 Ltr

Only with an electric oven from the Klaz brand, you can save on buying other kitchen appliances. The thing is that you can use this oven to bake, make cakes, pizza, etc air fryer.

You can prepare food easily because this oven has a timer up to 60 minutes. Therefore, you do not need to monitor the cooking process all the time. Take it easy, this electric oven recommendation only requires 700 watts of power.

Electric oven advice
Klaz Oven 20 Ltr With Air Fryer

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8. Kels Denver Oven 19 Ltr

The recommendation of the electric oven from Kels then has a capacity of 19 liters. You can use it to cook different types of food, such as bread, chicken, cakes, and much more.

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This oven has a temperature of up to 250 degrees Celsius with material stainless steel able to produce heat evenly. The required power is only 1000 watts.

Kels 19 Ltr Denver Oven - Silver
Kels 19 Ltr Denver Oven – Silver

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9. Toaster oven Kris 10 Ltr 350w

If you have a kitchen with limited space, the Kris oven may be an option. The size of this toaster oven is only 20.2 × 27.7 × 36.8 cm. Although it is small, this recognition of the electric oven has a capacity of up to 10 liters with 350 watts of electricity.

This oven also has two modes of heating settings top and bottom to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly.

Toaster Oven Kris 10 Ltr 350 Watt - Black
Toaster Oven Kris 10 Ltr 350 Watt – Black

10. Kris oven toaster 16 Liter

This electric oven from the Kris brand has a capacity of 16 liters and requires only 400 watts of power. In addition, the Kris electric oven is equipped with a timer for 60 minutes with a temperature of about 100-250 degrees Celsius.

Toaster for the oven Kris 16 Ltr - Black
Toaster Oven Kris 16 Ltr – Black
Here are some tips for low wattage electric ovens that you can try. We can choose and buy the best oven above variety.

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