10 beautiful ceramic models of house pillars

10 beautiful ceramic models of house pillars

The pillars of the terrace of the house must be decorated and installed with materials that not only serve as protection, but also add to the decorative side. Especially for the front view of the house. Therefore, the model of the ceramic pole comes in several options.

The model that is most often chosen is the model of terrace pole with ceramic which does not exclude the possibility of being combined with other materials. As seen in some of his tips below!

Rustic wood


The ceramic wood motif is always a favorite because it is considered as always with any style of home. Its visual nature also radiates close to nature and natural. Especially if you want to highlight the atmosphere of a typical rural house. Ceramics with very soft wooden motifs are installed on the porch posts of the house so that the facade looks more beautiful and natural.

Granite ceramic

Another better option is the ceramic granite that is suitable to be applied to the pillars of the terrace of the house, especially if the chosen one is the terrazzo granite. Try to choose a combination of beige and yellow for the terrazzo granite tiles on the porch of the house.

Guaranteed the use of ceramic material in this pillar looks good. It is very suitable to be applied in a modern tropical style house. The calm color also accentuates the elegant impression of the front of the house.

Natural Stone Mix Wood


Try to combine the wood in the first point with the original natural stone ceramic on the terrace of the house. Modern and natural impressions radiate and make the impression of the house more elegant. The combination of wood will create a rustic style like in the United States.

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Meanwhile, ceramics or a combination of natural stone structures also emit a natural impression because they are original from nature, but with a different taste. In addition, the brown color of the wood combines with the natural stone that is dominated by gray, the modern tropical feeling is very suitable to be applied in Indonesian homes.

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Bricks Mix of granite

ceramic pillar model

The elegant granite pillar ceramic model is also suitable to be combined with exposed brick. The tropical impression of luxury has always been the dream of houses in Indonesia so that you always feel like at home. Cool, cool at the same time looks luxurious and beautiful

The combination of ceramic tiles combined with brick is often the choice of interior designers to create the impression of “expensive” and tropical luxury as in houses in elite areas in general.

Large ceramic mast

ceramic pillar model
(Ceramic Center)

The rough ceramic will automatically give a rough aesthetic feeling if it is installed on the pole of the porch of the house to make it more beautiful. Try to choose natural, but unusual colors, such as a mixture of beige and reddish brown.

Even if the terrace is simple without much furniture or other decorations, this beautiful rough ceramic model will create a soft aesthetic accent that makes the front of the house pleasing to the eye.

Ceramic Andesite Stone Pillar

Do not be surprised if the andesite stone is the first woman for the ceramic material that is installed on the pillars or pillars of the terrace of the house. Because in addition to the material being strong and durable, the material is also more durable. Andesite stone is no less to create the impression of luxury and elegance.

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Unique, andesite stone ceramics create a modern and minimalist impression at the same time so as not to be monotonous to look at. There is nothing wrong with choosing andesite stone ceramics for the pillars of the terrace of the house. This is because, andesite stone is also often applied to the walls of restaurants to offices that require a modern but professional feel.

Gray Minimalist Ceramic

ceramic pillar model

If you are a simple person and do not like ornaments and excessive appearance, the minimalist gray ceramic is a perfect choice. Choose a gray tile with a large area and a thin section between the grout so that it is more minimalist.

Please note, if the gray minimalist ceramic installed on the terrace of this house is considered very suitable for the natural brown wooden door of the house. Undoubtedly a natural but modern impression will be very visible on the facade of your house.

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Ceramic coating

The choice of the model of pillars or pillars of the terrace of the house is really difficult because it must be adapted to the general style of the house itself. If you want to bring a natural theme, the ceramic coating models will be very suitable because they deserve to be combined with any style of home.

This is because the ceramic coating presents a natural concept that is not excessive. Try to choose a beige color to make it more neutral and give a warm feeling so that those who come and stay feel at home and comfortable.

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Ceramic Mosaic

The mosaic is always the best choice to bring a unique but also elegant concept. In addition, you can freely explore the pattern, size and color because it looks more casual and gives the impression of being free.

But if you are quite confused about the choice of a mosaic ceramic mixture and you are afraid to see too much, try to combine the gray and white colors so that the beautiful and balanced feeling is always more radiated in harmony of the terrace of the house.

Betel Arrange Ceramic

ceramic pillar model

Embossed betel type ceramics will give a three-dimensional effect that makes the front of the house look more alive. A unique but aesthetic rustic concept can be a sweet choice and combined with colors that match the exterior walls.

You can also combine betel tile ceramics with cream colored marble tiles so that an elegant and luxurious impression is embedded from the terrace of the house. The unique and harmonious concept will be very pleasing to the eye!

How are you, Pins? About which model of ceramic pillar to install on the terrace of the house?

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