10 attractive minimalist window designs for your home

10 attractive minimalist window designs for your home

Whether it is understood or not, it turns out that the choice of window model in a house influences the overall appearance, you know! For example, if your home has a luxurious European style, choose windows with sculptures that also give an impression of luxury. On the contrary, if your house is in a modern minimalist style, then choose a window that is also minimalist in style so that the overall appearance is beautiful and harmonious. So, if your home has a modern minimalist style and you are looking for a beautiful and unique window model to install, here are the reviews:

Minimalist Model Window 1

Photo via decorrumah.net

This house window model is very simple and classic. It is very suitable to be applied in minimalist homes. The large amount makes the dwelling brighter because enough sunlight enters the house.

Minimalist Window Model 2

Photo via decorrumah.net

This house window model is very unique. Although it is minimalist, but because of its unique shape, it makes its appearance unmarketable. The sills are designed to be long and short, also adding to the aesthetic value of the windows of the house.

Minimalist Window Model 3

Photo via decorrumah.net

So, for the example of a house window, this is more suitable for those of you who like bright colors in the house. With the presence of light-colored windows like this, your minimalist home will become more visible and unique.

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Minimalist Window Model 4

Image via kusenupvcdanaluminium.wordpress.com

This minimalist window model is highly recommended for small houses, because by installing windows like this, light and air will enter easily so that the exchange of air and natural light in the house will not be disturbed. Also, with a window pattern like this, the house seems wider.

Minimalist Window Model 5

Image via archdaily.com

Fifth, this minimalist window design is perfect for small homes. Because, it is very simple and there are also no excessive ornaments that create a busy impression. This window without a partition also gives a more spacious impression to your home.

Example of a minimalist house window 6

Image via myphilippinelife.com

The line accents manage to enhance the appearance of this very simple window. In addition, the windows are deliberately made double to add to the security of the house. Thus, residents do not have to worry about strangers entering the house through the windows.

Example of a minimalist house window 7

Image via eatwell101.com

Almost similar to the sixth minimalist window model, this seventh minimalist example of the window sill has more box accents. This type of sill is allegedly inspired by the factory or factory sill to have a bit of an industrial impression. Even so, it turns out that it is also suitable to be applied to housing?

Example of a minimalist house window 8

Image viajualkanopiteralis.com

For those of you who like a more modern model, there is a window with a trellis accented with lines and circles to choose from. This window has a model that opens from the bottom so as not to take up too much space. The size is relatively standard, so it can be used for minimalist occupation.

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Minimalist Window Example 9

Image via a1glassinserts.com

New, there is a minimalist window with a contemporary style with accent lines. Although it is only a line, in fact the appearance of this window can be so different, right?

Minimalist Window Example 10

Image via window-bars.com

Finally, you can copy this idea. A simple window design, given an abstract leaf-shaped trellis that embellishes the appearance. Even so, this abstract leaf accent is not too crowded, cook. Therefore, it also matches the minimalist theme of the home window. Interested in trying it out?

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