10 Apartment Lighting Inspirations For Scandinavian Interiors

10 Apartment Lighting Inspirations For Scandinavian Interiors

Lighting is very important in a vertical house. There are lights of the apartment whose models are planted, hung or standing lamp. Scandinavian interiors usually use natural smelling furniture.

Including used decorative lights. The lamp ornament is not excessive, but still catches the eye and put forward the main function in addition to aesthetics. Some inspirations for apartment lights that can be a reference are:



A chandelier with a rattan cover looks unique and natural. The lamp used can be a light bulb. With a dark yellow light and hung from a low height.

A lamp with such a design is perfect for the dining table. To illuminate the entire dining area, install it right in the middle of the dining table. Choose wooden furniture that matches the pattern of the floor.

Lighting can be maximized by building a wide window in the direction of the dining table. In the morning and afternoon, sunlight can freely enter the dining area. Pins can add a vase of flowers or plants to make the room feel more alive.

Chandelier model


Chandelier model lamps have Victorian style ornaments. This model of lamp is often present in castles in Europe. A simple Scandinavian interior can be combined with these lights to give the room a dramatic feel.

The size of the chandelier lamp is usually large. The lightning part is like a candle combined with metal stones and crystals. This lamp can be placed in the living room of the apartment.

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The purpose is as a decorative lamp while adding a classic impression to the room. In addition to the dangling shape, there are also those that are curved like a curve.

Artistic style


If the chandelier pattern lights seem too dramatic, they can also be replaced with artistic style lights as above. The lamp has geometric ornaments on the outside.

The ornament is made of metal. To make the light spread more evenly, the bulb is covered with a white cover. A candlestick like this can pins aligned parallel.

Place it in the living room or living room of the apartment. To maximize the light, the walls should be neutral, like beige.

Vintage theme


Scandinavian style tends to use colors with earthy elements. For example, black, gray, yellow, brown, green. This color is also close to the vintage style.

The vintage theme also comes with traditional, industrial and classic concepts. Such a concept can also be highlighted through the selection of wall lamps.

The lamp is made in the form of a cube with metal pins. The lights can be placed parallel head Install vintage lights in the master or guest bedroom.

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Lamp built


This built-in lamp is also attractive for small apartments. The lamp can be mounted directly on the ceiling. The size can be adjusted according to the need.

An oval-shaped lamp like the one in the picture can spread the light to the corner of the room. The light emitted is yellowish white so that the room feels warm.



Spotlights like this highlight only one area. However, the light produced is very bright. Pins can be used as a study light or in the bathroom.

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Color-based spotlights consist of 4 types. Warm white is perfect for window lighting. Fresh white is often used in offices and reading rooms.

The color is natural white with a temperature of about 4000 kelvin. Daylight has a contrasting color so it is often used in street lamps.

There is also an RGB type that makes the atmosphere more lively. RGB has many variants namely red, blue to green.

Blow light


If you do not want to highlight the shape of a lamp that is too simple, it can also be planted on the ceiling of the room. The installation of lights like this is called downlight popular since the 1930s.

There are 4 types of lights downlight of them inbow, inbow, slim, spot. lamp downlight inbow installed in the ceiling for lighting in the house. Downlight outbow visible outside the roof and usually for the terrace of the house.

Downlight slim and location often used for public services such as shopping centers. The advantages are a focused illumination and a brighter light supported by halogen lamps. The resulting color is much more natural and not excessive.

LED wall


If you want to make the wall decorations attractive, you can use LED lights. the lamp blends into the wall and the light forms the desired line.

The LED strips are sold measured and can be pins to match the design or model of the wall. The main purpose of lamps like this is not for lighting, but for decoration.

This lamp can also be used as a substitute for a night lamp. Pins can also be used as a backlight for roof gardens.

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Minimalis suspension lamp


The lamp in the apartment can serve as a decoration of the room. For example, the lamp in the picture above, although the design is simple but attracts attention. The design is modern with a curved trunk.

This type of lamp is not too bright, but it is able to give an accent to the room. The appearance of the room looks more attractive, especially when placed in a room with high mobility such as a family room.

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Seat lamp


There is also a sitting lamp that is no less attractive than that standing lamp. The difference between the two can be seen by the length of the raspberry.

Seat lamps are usually a standard height. This type of lamp is usually placed on a study table to increase the light that focuses on a particular area.

Scandinavian interiors are often chosen for apartments because they are minimalist, but still functional. The lights of the apartment above will be suitable to accompany the Scandinavian residences and emphasize the room.

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